"As we drove towards our destination through the rolling hills above the Côte d'Azur, down tiny tractor-filled country lanes, it was clear that this was to be a weekend for leaving city life far, far behind. Despite being a mere 15 minutes from Nice airport, we managed to get completely lost in the rural landscape; the countryside was so picturesque we were only too happy to take the scenic route. Eventually we found what we were looking for - a beautifully restored 300-year-old house, finished in Provence's signature honey-coloured render. We were greeted at Toile Blanche by the charming Leroy Family who, like the setting itself, had a calm and gentle air." Mr. & Mrs Smith



This isn’t a full-service hotel

"Toile Blanche is not a full-service hotel with formal staff to pick up towels or inform about your general mood 10 times a day.  Here you don’t mind surrendering certain hotel amenities and facilities for the chance to absorb yourself wholly into the genuine Riviera way of life.  The members of the Leroy family are charming and genuinely want to get to know you, without being intrusive. Above all they want to make guests feel welcome in their home."  Mr. & Mrs. Smith



Yet this is no ordinary home.

"Yet this is no ordinary home. The rustic house and lavender-filled garden contrast delightfully with a very modern interior. Polished concrete walls are mixed with bold colours. Pristine linen tablecloths and white parasols flap gently in the breeze: this is cutting-edge style in an idyllic rural setting.  From the outside, the house is rustic, typical of the Provence region, and is surrounded by a glorious garden. When you step inside, however, the interior is surprisingly modern, with concrete, polished floors in warm, bold colours and various sculptures and artworks to stimulate all your senses."  Mr. & Mrs Smith