Leroy Brothers

Contemporary Art

Leroy Brothers meticulously curate artworks around the domain. All the Suites are an extension of the traditional gallery setting, where you can appreciate artworks in a homey setting.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Artist

Discover Toile Blanche Contemporary

You'll discover stacked artworks in corners of the hotel. Keep eyes open to experience the most out of it.

Art often has a deeper meaning than at first sight. When explained by the artist, art receives another dimension. At Toile Blanche, you will be immersed in the world of the artist.

Leroy Brothers is an artist collective consisting of the three brothers Nicolas, Gilles and Gregory Leroy, born in 1975, 1978 and 1979 respectively in Belgium. Nicolas studied at Villa Arson in Nice and graduated from the London Metropolitan University, whereas Gilles and Gregory are self-taught.

In 1997, the brothers decided to unite their talents, forming one unique artistic expression rooted in Post-Internet Art.

The trio creates their artworks using mainly digital techniques to create modern pieces, reflecting the new and connected world in which we live today.

In 2010, the trio was chosen to participate in the Shanghai World Expo at "Jing'an Sculpture Park". They made an exhibition at the MMOMA in Moscow in 2013, and were part of the New Digital Art Biennale, known as "The Wrong” in 2015.

Their latest solo exhibition "Segmented Realities” in Brussels in 2021 garnered widespread acclaim, tapping into the concept and unicity and valuation of art through NFTs.      

Resin Text Messages, installed throughout the domain.

Leroy Brothers & Friends

Next to their own creations, Leroy Brothers present an array of artworks from their Leroy Brothers & Friends program, in which fellow artists are invited for their residence program. Each artist leaves a trace of their presence...

Left: "Lying Child" from Chinese artists Goa Brothers

Expert Talks

At "Expert Talks", we invite professionals in the art world to share their insights and expertise with us. We believe that ideas have the power to transform our thinking, our lives, and ultimately the world. Through "Expert Talks," we are creating a repository of free knowledge, featuring the ideas and experiences of talented artists, art historians, and other art professionals."

Art Tours

We propose a few art tours designed to reshape or open up your artistic understanding. Saint-Paul-de-Vence possesses a rich artistic history, but today we can proudly state that contemporary art has earned its place again: the new extension of the Fondation Maeght, the CAB Foundation, the Biennale of Saint-Paul, ... as well as the galleries Catherine Issert and Podgorny Robinson contribute to the contemporary art aspect of today's Saint-Paul-de-Vence. Notable living artists (except of the humble Leroy Brothers) living in Saint-Paul today are for instance Korean artist Minjung Kim or Israel-born Arik Levy.