Environmental and Social Strategy

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Living Our Values

At the heart of Toile Blanche, three key values dictate our actions and shape our culture. They not only guide our path but also create an atmosphere where our team members and our business can thrive. Each team member is encouraged to embody these values and spread them, thus building a dynamic and caring community.


Net Zero Emissions Goal: We aspire to make Toile Blanche a net-zero emissions hotel residence by 2030. Innovative technologies are deployed to guide us toward this goal, and every team member is mobilized in this quest.

Water Conservation: Implementation of rainwater harvesting systems to irrigate the hotel's gardens. Integration of dual-flush toilets, automatic faucets, and water-saving showers. Awareness campaigns aimed at guests for responsible water consumption during their stay.

Energy Efficiency: Improvement of building insulation for optimal thermal efficiency. Installation of smart thermostats to regulate spaces.

Responsible Waste Management: Elimination of single-use plastics in favor of biodegradable or reusable solutions. Implementation of an effective sorting system promoting recycling and composting.

Environmental Initiatives: Hotel For Trees: An option offered to guests to forego daily housekeeping. For each day dedicated to this cause, a tree is planted via “Hotel For Trees.”


Local Engagement:

Events that showcase local talents, inviting our guests to dive into the artistic essence of Saint-Paul de Vence. Support for educational initiatives, whether for youth or adult continuing education.

Promotion of Local Products: Preference for local, organic, and ethical products, both in the kitchen and for hotel maintenance. Partnerships with local producers and suppliers for mutual support and guaranteed freshness.


Training and Education: For staff: ongoing training on sustainable best practices.

For guests: Information available on environmental footprint and eco-friendly actions.

Inclusive Recruitment: Our recruitment strategy favors candidates aligned with our values. We are committed to hiring 5% of our staff from among young people who have been less educated in the job market.

By adopting this strategy, Toile Blanche positions itself at the forefront of sustainability in the hotel sector of the region.

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Toile Blanche is not a one-shot holiday destination. Once you leave, you long to come back.