La Guinguette

even locals feel on holiday here...

La Guinguette is the place where you can order some sharing plates with friends, meet and mingle with other guests, or have a small bite with a chilled glass of rosé wine in between two tanning sessions.

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Aperitif afternoons are a thing in La Guinguette

Pure and natural flavors in a relaxed atmosphere

Tasty Food & Drinks

The summer vibe is very present here, so feel at ease arriving barefoot, or lightly dressed–always in style, obviously.

From early June till late September
12h till 15h

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“In Rosé we Trust”

Leroy Brothers

(in Pastis as well, actually)

There's no wrong way in enjoying life. We only should do it more often...

Sharing plates in La Guinguette are the standard.

Espadrilles are no must.. but very much appreciated

Top quality produce, selected with sustainability in mind.